Mozart Class – The Red Tree.

We finished reading our book today, ‘The Red Tree’ and enjoyed discussing the text and illustrations together.

The story followed the character’s journey. The class agreed that the young girl was lost and afraid- unsure of who she is or should be and where she belongs in the world.

Zak explained that he didn’t enjoy the beginning of the story because the character was emotional, down-hearted and lonely. Leah and Esme wondered what reason there would be for her to be alone and ignored. Why aren’t people talking to her?

On another page, the girl is in a small red boat. Chloe and Leah suggested that, just like the red leaf, the boat might symbolise hope. The young girl is holding tightly onto the side of the boat as though she doesn’t want to let go of hope. Chloe also added that she is in a sea of troubles washing over her.

The end of the story sees the young girl returning to her bedroom, ‘home’. As she opens her door, a shaft of light illuminates a tiny red tree growing in the centre of the room. Mozart class thought that the little red tree was hope. The girl had been searching, when all along, what she needed was there in her room.

Penguin Small

So Penguin Small has escaped the North Pole and the wrath of the angry polar bears with the help of the snowman. The snowman didn’t understand words such as ‘yesterday’, ‘hat’ and ‘polar bear’ so we helped to describe these to him.

Reuben described the polar bears as ‘huge, white, furry, angry bears who live in cold places’.

Jovan described yesterday as ‘the day before today’.

Penguin small taught him all the words he knew as they sailed to an island, a wonderful place full of ‘jungly birds’ (the snowman had began to make up his own words) and inhabited by the Neverwasanocerous! Who and what is this creature?

Whatever Next!

Year One spent some time finding out about the many different features of a book.

We found out:

  • The front cover needs to grab your attention!
  • The title is the name of the book.
  • An author is the person who writes the book.
  • An illustrator is an artist who makes illustrations.
  • An illustration is a picture illustrating the book.
  • The text is the words in a book.
  • A publisher is a company or person that prepares and issues books for sale.
  • A blurb provides a short description of a book.

We thought whether we would recommend this book to other children in the school and we all agreed we would. We then thought about how we could word this in a sentence and came up with. ‘I would recommend this book because…’

Look back soon to read our book reviews with our special recommendations!




Y3 Dahl – Fox

Last time we read our book, Fox persuaded Magpie to go flying with him.

We continued reading and found out that Fox leaves Magpie far away from their home. Fox tells Magpie “Now you and Dog will know what it is like to be truly alone” The children discuss what they thought about fox now and how this had changed throughout the story. Rhys L thinks that Fox is bad for leaving Magpie. Amilea still thinks that Fox is both good and bad – she thinks he is trying to teach them what it is like to be alone as he was always alone. Matthew and Madison think Fox is evil as he is trying to split up Magpie and Dog.

Ellie and Casey came to the conclusion that Magpie is giving up – she thinks it would be “so easy just to die here” and Casey thinks she could try and find her way back! Kian thinks Magpie might be scared because she is alone, she doesn’t know where she is and all she wants to do is get back to Dog.

Gruffalo class’ Mrs Armitage’s Wheels writing

We loved the story of Mrs Armitage’s Wheels! In Reception we have been playing in the role play area, inventing things to add to one of our bikes just like Mrs Armitage did.

We have also been doing some writing. Last week we labelled a diagram of her bike and this week we have been writing some sentences about the story. Some children have chosen to retell parts of the story, other children have written sentences about what they liked. Please come and have a look at some of the writing which is on display just inside Gruffalo classroom, by our postbox. We are really proud of how the children are using Kinetic Letters and are also beginning to use a capital letter at the start of a sentence, a full stop at the end and also finger spaces INDEPENDENTLY.

Y3 Dahl – Fox

We read a little more of the story this afternoon. It is very interesting.

Rhys thinks Fox is showing off because he says he is faster thanDog. Amilea thinks Fox is bad because he lied to Dog about how fast he could run and then told Magpie he was faster. Casey thinks Fox is sly because he is trying to bribe Magpie to come with him even though Magpie is friends with Dog. Magpie won’t leave Dog though because they are best friends – this makes her a kind character. Matthew and Jamie decided that Fox is like a thief because he is trying to steal Magpie away from Dog. We all think we would rather have a friend like Magpie instead of a friend like Dog. Madison says Fox is trying to “lure” Magpie away from Dog.

After a third time of Fox trying to ask her to come away with him we decided that she would go with him. We think this because she wants to feel like she is flying again and she thinks Fox will help her do that.

Year 3 – Dahl – Fox

“Fox, with his haunted eyes and rich red coat. He flickers through the trees like a tongue of fire and Magpie trembles”


Today Fox was introduced as a new character. Rhys F thought that Fox might be a bad character because of his “haunted eyes”. Cirran thought that Magpie was scared of Fox because she was “trembling”. Zachary and Jamie had an idea that Fox might have been the one to set the forest on fire which is why Magpie is scared of him. Amilea thinks Fox might be a good character but that Magpie and Dog might think he is bad.

After reading the next page we evaluated our ideas and some of us changed our minds. Tudor and Casey think he’s saying nice things to Dog so that he can make friends with him and then Dog will forget about Magpie. Isabella disagreed and thinks Fox might be lying because most Foxes in stories are sly! Georgina thinks that Fox is pretending to be good but that he is really bad because the way Fox speaks to Dog sounds like he is deceiving him.


Fox is staring at Magpies burnt wing and Jacob S thinks she might feel scared that Fox will do more damage to her wing. Cirran said if she was Magpie she would feel uncomfortable with Fox staring at her. Millie thinks Magpie is worried about her friend Dog and the way Fox will behave towards him.

“And at night his smell seems to fill the cave – a smell of rage, envy and loneliness” We discussed these words and Adil said rage was like anger and David said that envy was to be jealous. Daley said Fox might be lonely because he doesn’t have any friends. Andreas added that he may not have friends because he might look scary!

When Magpie warns Dog about Fox Casey, Amilea and Holly came to the conclusion that Magpie was wrong to tell that to Dog because he should make up his own mind about Fox.

2015 is the year of reading at Simon de Senlis and this blog aims to capture some of the events and excitement as we promote the love of reading!